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Why Seniors should not Stay and Age in place at Home but Instead Choose a Retirement or Nursing Home

Many if not most seniors want to ‘age in place’ at home. But doing so prevents them from moving on and actually enjoying their golden years to the fullest.

Dr. John Claude is a geriatrician with over 15 years of experience helping seniors.


Key Points

  • 85% of Americans over age 65 would like to live in their current homes as long as possible.
  • But doing so prevents them from moving on and actually enjoying their golden years to the fullest.
  • Retirement and nursing homes provide an array of services, activities and important social connections.


Seniors all want to age in place, say experts. A recent AARP report shows that 85% of respondents 65 or older wish to stay in their current residences as long as possible.


But the question is why? And is it really worth it?

Of course action is easier than inaction. Staying at home may make seniors feel more at ease – as their “good old selves” among surroundings they are accustomed to. But this usually creates two situations which are problematic.


FIRST: A burden is actually placed upon the children or other family members of the senior. Very important questions need to be asked especially to those without children about such things as who will fill critical roles to help them age at home. These roles include decision-makers for health issues, drivers to doctor appointments if clients are ill or injured, household helpers for routine home maintenance and friends for regular socialization. Often times, these are taking over by the children and family members themselves which creates unnecessary tensions, additional work and a burden on the lives of everyone.


SECOND: Are seniors really more happy at home? When seniors age at home, they are slowly left to themselves and become isolated. They attend social gatherings less frequently and slow down their physical activity. They attend events less frequently and usually end up watching TV most of the time and relying on food and drink as their source of entertainment.


Choose a retirement or nursing home and you’ll be happier!

That’s right! Seniors believe that moving into a retirement or nursing home is the beginning of the end. But that is 100% wrong. In fact the earlier you make the decision to leave your old house and move, the better. Studies have shown that most seniors who move into a retirement home believe they should have moved in earlier and not have waited so long. With all the activities offered such as art and crafts, music, dancing, games, sports, excursions, outings etc. – it’s the beginning of a whole new better chapter of a senior’s life. A second life connected to a community where seniors can experience rich daily social connections that can enhance aging and make life worth living again.


More stories to follow:

Here’s a look at other stories offering a financial angle on important lifetime milestones.



“A lot of the [retirement-related] conversations we have with clients are around the non-financial aspects,” said Jason Siperstein, CFP and president of Eliot Rose Wealth Management in West Warwick, Rhode Island. “You can’t talk about money without talking about life.


“You can’t separate the two.”

He refers clients to aging-in-place resources, such as Medicare brokers, discounted prescription drug services and a personal concierge service that does a wide variety of errands and handyman services. Sipirstein also instructs clients on how to use Zoom and rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft.


But life gets a lot less complicated if you move in a retirement or nursing home and let specialists take care of everything – while you take care of enjoying your golden years.


Watch now:

Americans think you need $1.7 million to retire comfortably—here’s how much you need to save each month to get there by 65.


He encourages clients to build maintenance and financial teams and modify their homes five to 10 years before their estimated need, to avoid later disruption.


Living outside a retirement or nursing home means you need to think about and deal with:

  • Licensed professional advocates who help with health management and advocacy and can act as health-care proxies for clients who have no local friends or family
  • Local Area Agencies on Aging and community senior centers — non-profit agencies that help people navigate local resources
  • Local senior transportation programs
  • Home modification companies


None of us knows when that event might happen that will cause us to suddenly need help. When should people start this kind of planning? “The sooner, the better,” “None of us knows when that event might happen that will cause us to suddenly need help.”


“Another very important question to consider is, ‘Do you trust your decision-maker to do what you want if your situation changes?’” said Patti B. Black, CFP and partner at Bridgeworth Financial Management in Birmingham, Alabama. “Would they be influenced by different financial ramifications?”


9 advantages of living in a retirement or nursing community:

What are some of the benefits of living in a retirement community? Well, here are 9 unique advantages to consider:


1. Independence

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love to do. In fact, as a member of a retirement community, you are encouraged to expand your interests and engage in even more self-guided activities.


2. Safety

Safety comes in many different forms in a retirement community. This includes on-premise security, financial stability, and personal health. Retirement communities are designed to ensure your well-being is cared for in all areas, providing you with a safe and happy place to spend your days.


3. Support

Whether you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on or a chess challenger, you’ll have no shortage of people to talk to and connect with when living in a retirement community.


4. More Free Time

Isn’t it time you let someone else handle the heavy lifting? Leave maintenance tasks to the professionals. Your only job as a retirement community member is to spend your time doing whatever it is you feel like doing!


5. Forget About the Commute

Retirement communities are usually well located within walking distance of dozens of useful amenities, including shops, restaurants, parks and commercial areas. Getting out and about is always easy, so you never have to worry about feelings of isolation or boredom.


6. Stay Active

Who says you have to slow down once you retire? Now’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or reintroduce yourself to a forgotten past time. From hiking and biking to craft groups and book clubs, keep your mind and your body active with help from the retirement community.


7. Less Stress

Retirement communities are designed to provide you with a warm and welcoming place to call home. Safe and secure, our properties can eliminate the worries that come from living alone or having to maintain a household.


8. A Sense of Belonging

Psychological health is just as important as physical health, especially as we age. Retirement community residents quickly find themselves integrated into a loving family that’s focused on mutual acceptance and friendly encouragement. Through regularly socialization and interaction with other residents, you’ll quickly grow to feel right at home in your new surroundings.


9. Great Accommodations

Retirement communities boast some of the best accessible housing on the market, providing elderly and aging residents with tons of room to grow and entertain. Beautifully designed and efficiently engineered, retirement communities offer the perfect mix of personality and functionality.


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33 Iconic Places and Hidden Gems of London - You won't Find Big Ben Here

1// Postman's Park: remember people who lost their lives saving others

Make your way to the mecca for all Closer movie fans (the one that revealed the genius of Natalie Portman to the world). The Postman's park nobly commemorates ordinary people who lost their lives saving others. Particularly if you are looking for things to do in London alone, spend an hour reading the stories of all times on the ceramic plaques, picturing the heroisms in your head and thinking what you would do if…

2// Dans le Noir: eat in complete darkness

If you are after hidden gems in your search for things to do in London, look no further. At Dans le Noir, you will dine in complete darkness (literally), served by blind waiters with a ‘secret menu’ option when, exiting the place, you will need to guess what you have just eaten. And trust me – your taste sensors are capable of miracles in such a unique environment!


3// The naked Stamford Bridge Stadium of Chelsea

Most people go to what is locally known as The Bridge, for a stadium tour and see which football superstar seats next to which in the team’s dressing room. And yes, you will also walk along the famous tunnel which Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba led Chelsea to victories from. The coolest thing, however, is to catch that rare moment when the stadium is dressing up before the season starts and is in its true colours. The new fancy grass will cover it all, but when they are changing the pitch – you will see all that scratches and birth marks left by the heroes of the past. Once you are done with this pretty unique thing to do in London seen only by a handful of people, go get a pint in the legendary Chelsea Pensioner, an old-fashioned pub, completely packed by the football fans on match days.


4// Nunhead: the most magical cemetery of London

If all London travel guides are sending you to the Highgate cemetery, turning a blind eye might be a good idea. Nunhead is a half-wild, half-tamed Victorian Cemetery  - it is one of the least visited but the most enchanting in many of local Londoners’ opinion. It has been left to live its own life around a hundred years ago, but then moulded into a wildvlife reserve. Here you can peacefully explore the narrow paths & intricate graves. And if you are still thinking about what to do in London today, climb the hill on the western side and be rewarded with the unique view of the St Paul's Cathedral.


5// Sir John Soane's Museum: the kingdom of quirky art objects

With its atmosphere of an antique English shop, Sir John Soane’s Museum is just perfect. Discover a jaw-dropping display of weird art objects and a plethora of unusual perspectives & ornaments - a boiling pot of curiosities with a pinch of Egyptian, Medieval & Renaissance spice. At some point, be it for fun or not, they even competed with the British Museum on who has more marble statues. Pro tip - visit on Tuesdays when they offer a fascinating visit by candlelight.


6// Borough Market: the oldest food market of London

Whether you are a certified food connoisseur or just peckish, you cannot go wrong with the iconic Borough Market also known as the oldest food market in London (up and running from 18th century). Fishmongers, delicatessens, butchers, grocers and a fine choice of the freshest oysters complimented by a glass of champagne – the market has it all and actually deserves a separate local tour. Make sure to visit between Wednesday and Saturday when most of the traders are there to offer their delis. By the way, Borough Market is fully owned by passionate local residents who campaigned and raised cash to make it happen – go locals!


7// The antique Dutch boat of Wandsworth

This antique Dutch boat recently became a bit of a sensation of South East London and a favourite of solo travellers. Named Longfellow, she is a 126ft barge built to carry grain on the canals of Europe and brought over during the 1980s. Now, every week, one of the locals hosts lavish dinners with wine and river views there. The whole experience is a part of the new travel trend powered by the innovative Citizen Seven. Instead of booking random tour guides, it pairs you with like-minded locals based on your personality test – then you book a local activity with the person you like most. This is exactly how the Longfellow and its owner gained its towering popularity.


8// The thinnest building in England

Feeling like having a look at the thinnest building in the whole of England? Head to the Thurloe Square and treat yourself with a little treasure hunt trying to find it (I won't spoil you the surprise with the photo).


9// Wilton's Music Hall

Wilton's Music Hall is a former public house and a music hall turned a unique bar and an arts performance space. A rare London walking tour will bring you there, so the place is always full of locals. It is furnished with the Victorian mirrors, chandeliers, decorative paintwork and a cool furniture on top of their fine choice of drinks unless you are after some quality gelato?


10// The Treehouse Hotel ruled by recycling and eco-friendliness

Inspired by (surprise-surprise) a treehouse, this quirky hotel has a fascinating collection of smartly recycled objects – from wooden floors to frames. The Treehouse's all about eco-friendliness being buried in greenness. Every room has quite a view – from a traditional London one to the lookout over Regent Street. The rooms have kaleidoscopes & piggy banks, bathrooms - trees with cuckoo wall clocks and cloud-resembling beds carry people over to their childhoods.


11// The Travel Bookshop and the Blue Door from Notting Hill

Most iconic bookshop ever? Hugh Grant’s Travel Bookshop from ‘Notting Hill’ movie, isn’t it? As it became a norm in the world of cinema, it wasn’t a book shop in real life – more like a souvenir one. Head to 142 Portobello Rd in Kensington and find that the Travel Bookshop sign is still there – the glory of the fictional shop outgrew the real one, and the owner decided to keep the movie sign there for local tours. Not far from there, at 280 Westbourne Park Rd, there is also that legendary Blue Door – the entry to the cosy shelter of Hugh Grant (sorry - William Thacker)

12// Hampstead Ponds loved by celebrities

As far as Andrew Garfield aka the 'Amazing Spiderman' is concerned, he loves bathing in the cute Hampstead Ponds and feeling close to the mother nature. Here is another interesting fact – there are Ladies Ponds and Men’s Ponds out there. I don’t know whether this was a cause of effect, but I spotted both genders there sunbathing topless at their dedicated ponds. Highly recommended for solo travelling.


13// Cahoots - a bunker turned pseudo-tube station

Once a bunker during the Nazi aerial bombings, Cahoots has been reimagined into a unique vintage tube station - carriages and sandbags including. Jazz of the Great Britain of the beginning of the last century serves as a subtle reminder you are now in Soho, and the enthusiastic staff keep the spirits high. Their signature cocktails are quite imaginative and complemented with the secret envelope at the back of the menu which begs ‘Do not open’ and, obviously, you should immediately do the opposite.


14// Wimbledon stadium for the true old English football

If you’ve seen enough of the splashy Premier League football, it’s time for the authentic English game adored by our fathers and grannies. The best place to enjoy it I know is the Cherry Red Records Stadium, now home to Wimbledon Football Club. It replaced there an old greyhound racing stadium where my dad once won the ground-breaking £150 and seems to still have that quirky atmosphere. The legendary football gangster Vinnie Jones may not be playing for the Wimbledon team anymore and there is no one to show Paul Gascoigne his place these days, but you will get your inexpensive ticket for any game, adore the myriads of tackles & crosses and from time to time hear the exact communication between the players & referees. Sometimes the Wimbledon team, now playing in EFL League Two, succeeds in the FA Cup competition so much that they may bring the celebrity clubs like Liverpool or Arsenal to their fascinating home stadium to lock horns with.


15// Fire station aka the best breakfast in town

Chiltern Firehouse, a renovated classic red brick fire station. This is the best (hence it may feel a bit pricy) that a breakfast can possibly bring you – from reimagined classics to bold culinary experiments, with focus on healthy eating. Easily one of the best things to do in London when it comes down to local food.


16// Gresham College the Philantropists

The amazing Gresham College offers people a hundred or two free lectures a year since 16th century, no strings attached. The lecturers are known connoisseurs in their fields – from Arts to History. Try to catch a free lecture and connect with the honourable vision of Sir Gresham along with the feel of the British education. Do you need a tour in London when you can do such a superb local freebie thing?


17// The First Shop in the world (literally)

If you aren't much into photos and selfies, that one you might consider. Make your way to Greenwich (the exact postcode is SE10 9JB) and check out the very first shop in the world (no kidding here - it is located at 4/10 of a minute West of the Prime Meridian). Maybe not the very best thing to do in London, but the one to check in at Foursquare if it still existed.


18// Cool and the only fashion museum in town

For miraculous window-shopping, embark on a local tour to the Fashion and Textile Museum - the only British museum dedicated to fashion. Uniquely, they do not have any permanent exhibitions – every time it is different, so it is one of the best things to do in London. Before I confuse you, check out their previous eclectic themes: Swedish fashion, Pop culture and fashion, Post-war British textiles, Bohemian chic fashion, 150 years of English decoration and, my favourite, vintage handkerchiefs. Not a museum recommended by your usual tour guide, right? The museum is trying to inspire new generations of creatives to shape the British design to something very different and showcase current trends in fashion. Not surprisingly, as the Fashion and Textile Museum is a baby of Dame Zandra Rhodes whose quirky designs found love in the hearts of Princess Diana and Freddy Mercury.


19// Blind Beggar pub - the start of the Gangster tours

Gangster tour is music to the ears of Guy Ritchie’ fans and particularly the admirers of the celebrated Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Discovering methods used by gangsters, including ‘taking a shirt from Charlie’, and visiting notorious spots filmed in Gangster No.1 – all possible here. The best part – the tours are often hosted by the actor turned tour guide Vas Blackwood who played a noticeable role in…you got it… Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


20// Harry Potter's Diagon Alley

No list like this is possible without The Boy Who Lived The Chosen One? It is not easy to find a place in London where Harry Potter movies were not filmed:) Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross St Pancras Station, which Hogwarts Express departs from, would be too easy, so how about Australia House, better known as the exterior of Gringotts? You also have to check out the fascinating Leadenhall Market used for Diagon Alley, probably the most instagrammable Harry Potter location in London.


21// Bunga Bunga - the kingdom of wild parties

You may well have an ambiguous attitude towards the former Italian prime-minister Berlusconi, but when it comes to wild parties – this guy certainly knew a thing or two and we all would love to have paid at least a quick visit. In the end of 2000s, the phrase Bunga Bunga denoting these extravagant sociables of Silvio became popular in Italy and, let alone a huge political turmoil it caused, later gave its name to this wonderful Covent Garden bar. Bunga Bunga’s signature shtick has always been its weekly live shows some may already call famous. In such a place you can’t obviously do without quirky cocktails and the motorcycles hanging from the ceilings. Also, you don’t have to be extremely lucky to catch a sporadic parade of dancing showgirls or sing a karaoke song with a good half of the bar. 


22// The Traitor's Gate of the Tower of London

I won’t be misrepresenting the famous Tower of London as a hidden gem, but there has been something really cool happening there at night for over 700 years. Before the gigantic ex-prison close its doors for the crowds, at exactly 8 minutes to 10pm at the Traitor's Gate you may see there a strange person dressed in all red carrying a lantern in the right hand and a bunch of large keys in the left. This is a Chief Warder and he is about to start precisely the same thing he and his predecessors started in the 1400s – the Ceremony of the Keys (they only use the name of the current monarch for a change). When near the Bloody Tower you will hear ‘Halt! Who comes here?’, this means the ritual is up and running. Even if the King is not there anymore to guard, the Crown Jewels are worth a fortune and you better stick to the traditions to be on the safest side;). Book your tickets here – they are free.


23// The Globe Tavern where Bridget Jones lives

When you arrive at the famous Borough Market these days, you’d never believe this sizzling place have been as quite as a mouse twenty years ago when Bridget Jones’ Diary came out. Bridget’s flat is right in this area – just above the Globe Tavern, a pub with a character in Bedale Street. Remember how Bridgit lured Mark Darcy into this little place, now listed for sale at the insane £900,000?


24// South Bank - always full of surprises

South Bank, let it be crowded on weekends, always has a hidden gem or two to surprise you. Could be a rare book you buy just under the Westminster Bridge there or a wonderfully strange singer who travelled across the whole country to perform today only.


25// Limehouse Basin where your night kayaking starts

If your local guide told you to take a Thames river cruise – respectfully decline. Apart from its equally picturesque daytime alternative known as Uber Boat, go a bit more adventurous with your local tour and do night kayaking starting from Limehouse Basin. You can hire a beast here and embark on this memorable journey staring at the London’s landmarks like Houses of Parliament and Millennium Bridge in their night clothes (and no, you don’t have to be a professional paddler to do that at all and the experience is good for all abilities). You will also have to catch the right tide obviously (check out the timetable here). Tell no one I said so, but those who love checking out how other people live will get a bonus and see some of the insides of the amazing London house boats parked across the river in abundance.


26// Archipelago restaurant - the best scorpions in Great Britain

If at some point you get tired of the proverbial fish and chips, go dine surrounded by golden Buddhas and giant peacock feathers at the Archipelago restaurant. Where else could you be invited to such a sensory travel journey featuring chocolate scorpion, python, crocodile and insects? Don’t hesitate to open this culinary portal – I tried as a solo traveller and this is one of the best things to do in London.


27// Craven Cottage - the cutest place to see Premier League football

Guess how many football clubs London has on its balance sheet? You get it right – more than 50 it is. But nothing is like Craven Cottage Stadium. It dates back 112 years standing right on the bank of the river Thames. So close that, if some strong-legged striker would want to slow the game down, he can easily kick the ball hard enough to find itself on one of the passing boats behind the Craven Cottage. Not only the tickets prices are reasonable and sometimes unthinkably available at the entrance, but at the moment Fulham is officially the easiest Premier League club to get match tickets for. After you enjoyed the game at a really cute stadium accompanied by the mouth-watering hotdog they serve there, go through the picturesque Bishops Park to arrive at the Temperance, just a perfect football bar to watch the next game on Sunday.


28// The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town bar - as bizarre as the name suggests

I bet you have entered and exited many things via many things in your life, but never through...a fridge in a truly Narnia style… This speakeasy local bar has already become a legend not least because of its quirky name. Apart from that, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town features dimly lit rooms, some fine pieces of vintage furniture and bizarrely wonderful drinks. Oh yes, and a title of the London’s Bar of the Year. Twice.


29// South Bank Centre street food market

South Bank Centre food market is a mecca for street food lovers. Located just behind the Royal Festival Hall, the market boasts a choice of food which should be just enough for the culinary curious on top of a great selection of beers and wines. And surely – few things can compete with a mouth-watering paella accompanied by the amazing river views of Westminster, possibly the best London has to offer.


30// The Barts which you can only enter with a secret password

Barts is an epitome of a hidden gem, right in the heart of Chelsea. When it comes to ‘hidden’, you will never say this unmarked residential door might lead to a speakeasy venue. As far as ‘gem’ is concerned, Barts is filled with cool pictures and splashy cocktails often served in teapots and listed in a menu crafted in the form of a comic book. Ring the bell and, to enter, say your secret password I won’t share here because…it is a secret password in the end of the day.


31// The Draughts - home to 800 board games

Draughts, located in the mysteriously cool Leake Graffiti tunnel, is a true hidden gem of London. It is home to over 800 board games and meeting a new friend over a board game is officially the best way to do so. Not a fan of board games? It is like with documentary movies – hard to start watching but if you do – nobody will drag you away from the screen. Don’t know the game rules? Just ask their super friendly stuff and they will happily explain every bit. Visiting alone? Ask local people to join a game – most of them would be expecting it! Some fine food and a selection of beers will help the time pass seamlessly.


32// St Luke's Mews where the most famous confession took place

When it comes to this British movie classic – Love Actually – and one of the best Christmas movies of all times, my favourite scene is also the most heart-breaking one. Remember Mark confesses to Keira Knightley via hand-made posters being aware that they are never going to be together as she is his best friend fiancée? If you feel like going to stand at exactly the same spot to reminiscent – make your way to St Luke’s Mews and seamlessly find that pink house there. I have heard that not everyone in the area is happy about the holy pilgrimages to this place, so perhaps going easy on selfies might be a good plan.


33// The cemetery of British telephone boxes

Well, not exactly a cemetery - rather that 'Out of Order' installation in Kingston. Its author, the famous David Mach - one of the most recognised Scottish artists known for his quirky collages and sculptures – says the boxes might have disappeared from the streets but they still bind the English as a nation. Indeed, what can be more iconic than the red British telephone box?


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Today, many states allow couples to get a simple, uncontested divorce ny. In fact, this is how most couples get divorced. It's relatively simple and inexpensive, and it protects the dignity and privacy of both parties.


Divorce is expensive no matter what, but if you do need one, an uncontested divorce will save you time, money, and as little heartache as possible. This situation is difficult enough, and you don't have to make the divorce itself more difficult unless it is absolutely necessary.


If there are particularly contentious issues in your marriage that are still to be resolved (such as child custody), then an uncontested divorce may not be the way to go, as you will of course need to make sure that your and your children's rights are covered. In fact, in some states, an uncontested divorce may not even be an option for you if children are involved.

However, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have a better relationship and don't need to remarry at all, and if issues like child custody have been resolved between you, then an uncontested divorce will be easier for everyone. Yes, the divorce process is still painful, but an uncontested divorce also makes the process as easy as possible.


Privacy is also an issue in divorce. Your disclosures to each other don't have to be a matter of public record unless each of you wants to do so in an uncontested divorce. The agreement you make must be publicly documented, but nothing more. By contrast, a contested divorce is likely to have every nuance of the divorce documented, simply because the couple made those things a public record in a big fight. So if you want to protect your privacy, figure out the details of your divorce and simply make the final agreement a public record, not every little discussion you have. It's also easier on your child.


If you don't think you can negotiate an uncontested divorce with your spouse, that's fine. Maybe you can't. However, make sure you and your spouse are aware of the problems that an uncontested divorce can help you avoid. It is likely that simply confronting the differences between a contested and an uncontested divorce will convince a spouse who does not want an uncontested divorce to accept it.


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Your Ultimate Guide to The Dos and Don'ts of A Bathroom Remodel with VolcanoBuilders

Are you about to start a major bathroom remodeling project? Is this your first experience undertaking a bathroom remodeling project? It’s a great opportunity for you and it deserves to be treated as such. We’ve put up a list of our favorite tips to assist you to achieve the right combination between your unique customization requirements and practical design considerations that will help you connect the area.


You all desire a bathroom that reflects your unique style while still providing the comfort you deserve. Apart from that, it’s also critical that it has the proper furnishings and facilities that may provide both purpose and value. Luckily, you can have everything with proper planning, hiring the appropriate contractors, and selecting the correct architecture. Here are some helpful tips for making your Bathroom Remodel idea a reality.


Best Tips For Bathroom Remodeling


Have A Bathroom Plan

Before you even consider hiring a bathroom renovation contractor, you must consult with everyone who would be utilizing the area. Try to get a conversation about the equipment and furnishings you’ll be using, as well as how much money you’re ready to spend. 


After you begin the remodeling, keep in mind that it may take anything from 30-90 days to complete. Unless there are financial limits or concerns, try to avoid the desire to change your goals, no matter how long it would take. By postponing construction companies, purchasing new materials, and extending your time limit out ever further, revising your arrangements can result in additional hidden costs.

Make Your Restroom Unique

A customized bathroom, like a conventional bathroom, is outfitted with a variety of bathroom fittings. The ultimate design generally includes a complementary countertop and built-in cabinetry surrounding a specific portion of the room.


With the addition of personalized cabinetry, vanities, and amenities, customized restrooms go above and beyond basic restrooms. While standard solutions are always there, some individuals discover that they require something significantly unique in size, shape, width, or color. 


Freestanding vanities and double-wide basins are two common choices. You can also purchase customized cabinetry made of your favorite timber and in a specific design. Your opportunity to build your bespoke bathroom is determined by your finances and aesthetic preferences. Cabinets are extremely useful in the bathroom. This is because bathroom storage capacity is usually required extra than owners believe.


Large cupboards and shelves with extra storage space for towels, cosmetics, and essential items are a perfect way to make your customized restroom both practical and attractive. Custom bathroom ideas, on the other hand, require a few restrictions. Consider what kind of timber can withstand dampness when picking wood for the cupboards. Your top pick for ensuring that your cupboards survive for decades is to have them properly fitted with custom bathroom components.


Bathroom Floor Plans

For individuals who aren’t familiar, it’s extremely advised to maintain the fresh bath’s piping fittings near to the bathroom’s old piping if you plan to save cash on restoration and reconstruction. But, if the renovator finds obsolete wiring or plumbing, it’s likely that somehow this individual would recommend gutting out the existing water lines, allowing for the introduction of new ones as well as the relocation of the original ones. 


If you’re on a tight budget and have to maintain your impact the same, don’t panic, you may still create the appearance that the room is larger by employing several tactics designed specifically for this reason. For example, pedestal basins are famous for making a space appear larger, and clear glass showering doors are better over showering curtains on bathtubs because they limit the light and end up making the space appear smaller. 


Similarly, instead of utilizing a little bathroom cabinet mirror, try utilizing a large mirror. Using stuff like this can provide the illusion of more space near your vanity.


Style Of Led Lighting

Although an attractive finishing on taps will undoubtedly add elegance to a bathroom, you will never go wrong by investing in adequate and beautiful bathroom lights. Similarly, well-designed bathroom lighting can eliminate shadows on the face.


The importance of ceiling lights in bathrooms cannot be overstated. When it comes to lighting effects, you can select from a wide range of options. Similarly, peripheral lighting can provide both a pleasant, ambient radiance as well as necessary light. 


This is also a good idea to think about employing pendant light sources. A design like this lets lighting be scattered in such a way that it creates the impression of a gorgeous centerpiece ceiling.


Bathroom Ventilation Is Important

Unfortunately, some individuals overlook this issue whenever it comes to Bathroom Remodel. Something they don’t realize is that good ventilation is necessary. A bathroom that isn’t well aired can lead to a variety of issues, including the growth of mold and mildew. 


This might cause chaos and spoil some of the high-end modifications made in the new bathroom renovation, like the flooring, walls, and cabinets. Residents who are now constructing a contemporary house can integrate a remote timer, which will allow them to switch on the fan anytime. 


Bathroom Modeling Dos And Don’ts

Do Pick A Designer

Many individuals believe that engaging an interior decorator for a remodeling job is a waste of money, but this is far from the case. Although a construction company can assist with the fundamentals of your area, a designer can completely reinvent it for an amazing renovation. They can focus on your objectives and connect them into a cohesive product with very little effort on your part. 


Don’t Ignore Your Plumbing Design

Although moving your piping around completely isn’t possible, there are some obstacles. To prevent pipes from freezing, you must never install plumbing on outside walls. The toilet drainage must go parallel to the joists in your flooring. 


These restrictions are particularly important if you stay in a multi-unit complex. The piping in all of the apartments is usually on a plumbing stack that implies they all flow in a straight line. Replacing your fixtures is not only expensive, but it is also usually impossible. Before finalizing any designs, always speak with your construction engineer.


To Examine The Lighting Ratings

What would it indicate to have a lighting rating? All of the lights are approved for dry, moist, or damp environments. Because bathrooms have high amounts of humidity and dampness, it’s recommended to utilize a damp-rated light fitting for lights. If you’re going to put hidden lighting in your bathroom, make sure it’s waterproof.


Don’t Be Scared To Experiment With Your Finishes

Although it’s wonderful to bring your living area themes collectively, your bathroom may (and should) be a little more audacious. This is particularly true in the case of powder rooms! These cramped quarters can be bursting with individuality. Imagine using a fun wallpaper or even other wall decoration as a focal point. Because a master bath is frequently used by only you and your spouse, it should represent your preferences. 


Do Think About Resale

It’s no surprise that bathroom and kitchen renovations provide the best return on investment, however, there are some equipment and styles that aren’t preferred by everyone. You may decide to skip the steam bath if you aren’t in your everlasting house. However, don’t be frightened to remove the bathtub. You’re ready to proceed if you have many tubs in your home and want to transform one shower into a walk-in shower.


Don’t Cut Corners On Labor

We understand that plumbing and electrical repairs might be costly, but this is not the time to cut corners. Although it’s a good idea to compare multiple offers, the cheapest choice may end up costing more in the long run. Poor sewage service can prove to be expensive, so it’s preferable to invest a bit extra upfront and be confident that the job could last. 


Do Install Innovative And Space-Saving Cabinet Solutions

You can also ask your builders to build built-in storage into your shower enclosure. You could use the wall-recessed storage facilities to keep sheets, conditioners, bath soap, and other showering essentials. For added practicality and functionality, a folding shower seat can be installed inside your walk-in bathroom. These strategies are also used by our professionals for our little shower renovation.


Don’t Think You’ll Be Able To Complete All Of The Tasks Required To Rebuild Your Shower

While you could be able to complete some of the jobs for your bathroom remodeling on a budget, you will require the assistance of a shower remodeling contracting company to finish the job quickly and efficiently. 


Think About The Future When You’re Designing

If you plan to sell your apartment in 5 years, it’s essential to verify that the worth of your property increases with time. Think about having your home updated for that reason. If you want to stay in your house for many years, it’s critical to make sure that the restroom layout is something you’ll enjoy and that matches your aesthetic and tastes.


We understand that making these types of choices can be quite difficult. There are so many variables to examine to make your restroom beautiful, from color palettes to tiling styles to countertop choices. And you would like to be ready to transform your restroom into something that is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.


You must choose the best balance of convenience, elegance, design, price, and durability. This is no simple task, however with the assistance of a reputable constructor and some well-deserved remodeling expertise, you can start piecing together the puzzle blocks to choose which ideas and remodeling elements will be good for you.


While the creative and design stages of the bathroom remodel project can be exciting, it could be difficult to choose which components and equipment are best for you.



A bathroom renovation is a commitment, and you should have to ensure that you get the most value for your money. A bathroom remodeling is an investment in your future as it will help you raise the value of your property.


Remodeling a bathroom may appear to be a challenging prospect. Because it’s one of the most used areas in the house and among the most sought-after characteristics for residual value, it can appear as if every aspect must be spot-on. Using a little research, you can guarantee that your idea for the area is fulfilled. Use our suggestions as a starting point for thinking and return to them as necessary. They’ll assist you in laying the groundwork for a successful final result.


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Top 7 Recommendations For Building a Fence with VolcanoBuilders

Projects that can be completed by the homeowner (do-it-yourself) are becoming increasingly popular. Everybody seems to be a do-it-yourself enthusiast these days. For some, this might be a great way to save money on home renovations while also developing your DIY skills and gaining confidence in your talents when you complete a project on your own without the help of others. Now that summer will soon be here, many of us will be looking forward to long days spent outside with our loved ones. Especially in these days of social distance, as Maryland’s neighborhoods develop, your property may become uncomfortably close to your neighbor’s. But a new fence may help you create a private outdoor place that is an extension of your house. 


Others have more enthusiasm and energy than natural talent or comprehension when it comes to household duties. This is where I’d place myself. Now that spring is here, and yard maintenance is on the agenda, it’s more important than ever to remember a few things when embarking on any home improvement job. However, because fence construction is complex, you might want to consider hiring a fence contractor to help. 


As an example, let’s say you want to build a fence. 


When a friend or neighbor tells us how simple it was for them to build a fence, we all believe them. That may be the case for some of us, but not necessarily. All do-it-yourself tasks, like constructing a fence, need much planning and preparation to be successful. However, before starting a project like this, have you considered everything you’ll need? Why do you want a fence, and do you know if you are eligible for one? Professional installation personnel, various materials, and innovative designs that match any budget may make building a fence an easy and quick process. Here are the most important things to keep in mind while creating your own outdoor “sanctuary”: 

The following are seven considerations to keep in mind when building a fence. 


1. What Motivates Your Desire For A Fence?

There are numerous compelling reasons to construct a privacy barrier, but most people want one, so they can relax in their garden without worrying about prying eyes. 


Do you and your family own any pets, particularly dogs? Many pet owners want a fence around their yard so that their animals may roam freely without worry. You may also want a fence because it looks good. The house with the white picket fence may be something you’ve always desired! Before investing in a project, think about why you want it and what you want to get out of it. 


2. Identify The Materials That Are Most Appropriate For You

Wood is the most frequent material for fences, although there are many more options. Wooden fences are standard. However, they may not be the best choice for your needs. It’s worth exploring alternatives to wood because it requires regular care and maintenance to stay in good form. 


Vinyl is an attractive option for those who want privacy from a fence but don’t want to maintain a wood one. The paneling can be kept clean by spraying it with a hose, and it may be molded to resemble wood. 


If you don’t like wood or vinyl, there are several materials to choose from. Metal chain links, wrought iron, bamboo, or a combination of these materials can all be used. 


3. Your Neighbours And The Property Of Your Neighbours

A friendly “heads up” goes a long way because nobody likes surprises. Talk to your neighbors about your fence plans and be prepared with information about your property’s boundaries. Remember to abide by the rules and regulations if you reside in an HOA. Making an educated guess about your property’s boundaries might lead to disputes with current or potential neighbors in the future. Also, don’t assume that your lot is perfectly square or rectangular; some properties have unusual or bizarre shapes. Wooden pegs and thread are used by fence companies like Fence & Deck Connection to identify and define the boundaries of your property. Always err on the side of caution when determining property borders! 


4. Consider Your Environment

Many homeowners don’t think about the climate where they live when choosing fence materials. Still, weather forecasts significantly impact the choice of materials and the installation of the fences they choose. Consider the frost line while installing fence posts in colder locations, and use concrete anchors at least 36 inches deep. 


Homeowners should stay away from woods since they are prone to flooding in hotter, wetter climates. Vinyl is the best material for areas with milder weather since it can tolerate moisture, but it will degrade quickly in high temperatures. 


More durable materials are recommended if you live in an area where temperatures are often below freezing. Metal, bamboo, and some types of wood are the most durable materials in cold climates. 


5. The Height Of The Fence

It would be best to decide on the right fence height before making any purchases on fence materials to provide you with a sense of privacy and security. Before you start construction, make sure you know what the zoning regulations are in your area. The style and height of your home may also be restricted if you live in an area governed by an HOA. If your yard and neighbors’ yards are also on a slope, you may need to lower your planned height. There are highly trained Project Consultants that can help you determine the ideal building height for privacy. Instead of building a high fence, you should build a low one that allows you to see the surrounding environment without feeling trapped. 


6. Make A Budget

What’s your budget for a new fence? Prices vary widely depending on the type of material you choose. According to length, height, and wood species, wood fences cost anywhere from $17 to $45 per linear foot. 


Other than the essential components, you’ll also need to include them in your expenses. Are you using any special hardware? Are you planning on putting up any barriers? When it comes to painting or sealing the material, is it necessary? Consider all aspects of the project and adjust your budget accordingly. 


7. Make A Landscape Design Plan

Before putting up a fence, take some time to consider your surroundings. Installation of a fence might be complicated by plants, trees, and tree roots. If you don’t want to remove any vegetation, you’ll have to be creative with the fence design. However, this may raise the labor and material costs for most fence companies. 


It would be ideal if you considered any potential landscaping plans you may have in the future. Consider adding plants along your fence’s perimeter to help it blend in with the landscape. Before choosing a fence installation company, have your garden and landscaping plans available so that you can work together to make sure everything is in harmony. 


A living wall is an alternative if you like gardening or your neighborhood doesn’t allow for a privacy fence. Create a living wall or fence in your yard by planting trees or shrubs as a privacy barrier. If you’re unsure, check with local officials and civic organizations you’re your neighborhood.


Bonus: Consider Gates, Multiple Entrances, And Also Consider Your Limitations


Many homeowners assume that putting up a fence is a weekend project they can handle with a couple of friends, but when was the last time you did it? Installing and leveling fences is notoriously tricky. 


If you choose to build a fence, you may encounter several common problems. Don’t put your home’s or yard’s appearance in danger. To design and build your fence, use a professional. If you’re creating a new fence, don’t forget about it. It’s a good idea to have two gate entrances: one for pedestrians and one for equipment. While a 3- or 4-foot-wide gate is excellent for visitors, transporting large yard equipment like a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, or garbage bins between the front and back yards may be problematic with freshly arrived backyard furniture and accessories. For this reason, we propose a gate with a minimum height of 4 feet. 


To Summarize

A fence is a great home improvement job, and hiring a professional fence contractor may be in your best interest. These seven tips will help you accomplish your home remodeling project on schedule and budget while still giving your family the privacy they require. 


Have you ever constructed a fence around your property? Are there any tips you’d want to offer from your experience with constructing a fence? If you have any suggestions, please share them with us here:

15 Not to Do Acts When Remodeling a Kitchen – VolcanoBuilders

Remodeling your kitchen can be a significant expense for most homeowners. Still, it is also a profitable investment that will remain for years to come and may even increase your home’s value. So, before embarking on your renovation journey, you should keep in mind a few tips—as well as avoiding a few common mistakes. You will be rewarded for your time, effort, and money when you take action.


Organize your kitchen remodel accordingly to take a moment to think about what your family needs and how you want to live. By doing so, you can make sure everyone has a good experience. Identify how often you cook, which appliances you would like to spend more time (and money) on, and how much storage you consider necessary. Your kitchen maybe your family’s favorite place to socialize and entertain and may even serve as a homework area after school. As a result, you may want to pay special attention to the seating arrangement and counter space or designate certain areas to serve multiple purposes.

Look for areas where you can increase and maximize storage if you have been experiencing a lack of space. Each of these considerations should be considered when selecting new features and designing your kitchen.


1. Countertops With Bright Colors

Regardless of the material you select to go with, any countertop that is shiny, very dark, strong color, or veiny might be a trend you’ll regret spending the money on. Rather, it is recommended to choose natural tones for your counters. Five to ten years is the lifespan of every fashion trend. You may be able to avoid replacing them on your next renovation if you choose natural light tones without much texture — or veining.


2. Laminate Cabinets

When it talks about kitchen cabinets, nothing compares to paint/stain grade wood. Repainting or sanding the furniture can be done at a low cost. It means that if you wish to switch colors in the future, you can do so easily without damaging the material. For years to come, you can keep changing the colors of a quality cabinet to suit your style.


Remodeling a kitchen requires a good cabinet box. Many people don’t realize that most cabinet boxes are made in the same way. Solid wood 34-inch hardwood cabinets are strong and sturdy. Typically, the doors are what make up the cabinet. Changing out the doors is an easy way to give it a facelift while still having good boxes.


3. Hardwood Floors

Although some people love wood flooring, it may not be the best choice for your kitchen. Wood floors will be destroyed by spills, dishwashers, and sink overflows. Stone is a better option. Also, porcelain has a lot of benefits and is inexpensive. If you’re looking for a durable option but love the look of wood, you might want to consider porcelain imitation wood flooring.


4. Don’t Use Fragile Materials

It is easy to be deceived by physical appearances. The mere fact that something looks pretty doesn’t mean it will improve your life. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, choose durable materials. Water rings can damage limestone, despite its beautiful appearance. Etching and staining are common problems with marble. It may seem sleek, but recycled glass countertops can chip and crack much more quickly than other options. For your renovation, quartz is an excellent option if you want the look without problems.


5. Combinations Of Microwave Range Hoods

If you plan to cook in your kitchen, you don’t need a hood that barely pushes 80-90 cfm into the air. It is equivalent to an exhaust fan in a toilet. Instead, opt for a dedicated vent hood that is three times more powerful for a similar price.


6. Don’t Ignore Workflow

If you don’t combine the right amount of cabinets, quality appliances, and durable materials when remodeling your kitchen, you won’t make the most of your new space. Cooks and others should have easy access to the kitchen’s busiest areas, such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator. It is often referred to as the “work triangle” in the kitchen.


7. Glue-And-Peel Backsplashes

While they’re helpful for renters, you should avoid this trend when doing a real kitchen. You’ll have to redo it later. Peel-and-stick backsplashes are usually made of glue-backed plastics and are not durable against humidity, water, heat/cold exchange. It’s also worth mentioning that they can be quite costly.


8. Don’t Refuse Professional Design Help

DIY enthusiasts can perform a kitchen renovation on their own using their skills and creativity. Doesn’t that mean do-it-yourself? Anybody who has been through a renovation can tell you that expert advice is always helpful, even for a DIY kitchen remodel. Professionals can help you fine-tune your plan and provide advice that could save you from buying inadequate products and materials and choosing a design that doesn’t meet your needs. A free consultation is available at many home centers.


9. Reconfiguring The Kitchen Space

A kitchen’s footprint is significant. Adding an island is an easy addition, but the costs start to rise if you change the footprint. It could be possible that you may not be able to find those particular floors again after tearing down walls and patching in floors, so then you will have to redo the entire floor. It is easy to see how what seems like a few medium changes could turn into a complete gut renovation.


10. Statement-Making Fixtures In Architectural Designs

Go wild if you’re in it for the long haul. For an accent feature, you can do it in light fixtures or just a single accent wall if you think you won’t be there forever. If future buyers don’t like it, it is easier to change an accent wall than a bold-statement countertop.


11. Tiny Tiles

Many people are opting for more extensive, wider backsplash tiles instead of tiny, narrow tiles since they can collect grime, grit, grease, and so on. Many people tile their kitchens right now, but going with a larger tile or not tiling certain walls or just tiling a half wall will be more affordable.


12. Neglecting Aesthetics

It is not easy to renovate and design a kitchen space. One of the top mistakes that many people make is focusing only on the functionality of the kitchen.


Designing your kitchen based on the right color scheme is also important. You’ll spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want it to be a place you enjoy being in, not a place that makes you feel self-conscious.


13. Unnecessary Appliances

HGTV’s big kitchens feature two ovens; does that mean you also need two ovens? Do you need a dishwasher if you’re honest with yourself (you never cook, you order takeout, and you want a nice-looking kitchen)? One place people may be able to save money is on appliances they don’t need. Budgets should be based more on efficiency and space, as well as how they will be used.


14. Lots Of Open Shelves

You’ve probably seen the hype around open shelves if you’ve watched a lot of kitchen remodeling TV shows or read a lot of magazines. However, do you think normal families eat and live in staged kitchens with too many open shelves and enormous kitchens?


People who watch kitchen remodeling shows often make this mistake while remodeling their kitchens. Kitchens need to be both aesthetic and functionally pleasing at the same time.


15. Don’t Ignore The Rest Of Your House

Getting caught up in your kitchen can cause you to neglect the rest of your home. During the remodel or renovation, your kitchen will most likely be unavailable, so set up a temporary galley somewhere else in the house. Ensure to protect your other parts of the house from the dust, debris, and splatters during the remodeling process. It will be easier to enjoy the result of your kitchen renovation without causing damage to other places of the house if you take the time to protect other spaces. Look at these fantastic kitchens.



Every remodeling project should be filled with laughter and lighthearted humor. You should let your guard down as much as possible when remodeling your kitchen. Make sure to let your creativity shine through as well! If you want to create a space that doesn’t take too seriously, try a bold backsplash or a multi-material kitchen island. Take your kitchen renovation from ordinary to extraordinary with these easy DIYs. Make your helpful investment while remodeling the kitchen according to your budget, and don’t overspend money.


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7 Things You Should Know Finishing a Basement Remodel

Damp walls and ceilings tearing apart may haunt you every time upon entering the square footage basement downstairs. Since it’s downstairs and does not have frequent visits by the residents, we are used to keeping unnecessary stuff stored there most of the time. Even sometimes, people have the urge to make their home presentable before guests, and hence, move broken chairs and laundry clothes there to clean the space above. That’s the primary reason a basement is often neglected and remains becoming a storage room with damaged walls and ceilings.


Contrary to it, if you pay attention to your Basement Remodel, it can become an added livable space of your house and significantly increase the sale value. At the time of resale, you will certainly be happy with your decision to invest in remodeling the basement. However, you should keep a few important factors in your mind while upgrading your hideous basement. Next to these factors, we will share a few ideas with you to help you decide how you want your finished basement to end up becoming a usable space.


Factors To Consider Before The Remodeling of The Basement

We have rounded up 7 important factors you should count on while finishing a basement. Going through each of them, you will know how important it is to consider them during the process. Otherwise, you can’t achieve the target of having a perfectly finished basement.


1. Addressing Moisture Issues

Moisture issues are common to basement walls and need to be addressed timely when renovating your basement. If you are also planning to finish your basement either from scratch or upgrading, do not look past the damp walls showing signs of seepage. Because in the future, it may cause you to face bigger problems than if resolved prior to the renovation. Since the basement is a below-grade area, the chances of taking up water from the ground are higher. If it happens, water will make its way through the basement walls leading to massive damage.


Moreover, excessive moisture may also cause molds to grow in your walls. We know you will never want these things to happen. Therefore, it is advised to take care of these moisture issues before starting the renovation. You can also consult skilled laborers to help you with the selection of the best waterproofing solutions.


2. Seek Permission

You must know the local codes for building a safe place so you will not end up having trouble in the future. Whenever you start working on finishing a basement, consult with a professional who can guide you through the process. It is imperative to involve the municipality and let them know about your intention and needs of remodeling the basement. Then if they allow it, you can continue to work according to your plans after addressing moisture problems. Afterward, a follow-up inspection may also be done to ensure that you have met the codes and built the space correctly. Renovating a basement without fulfilling those local codes will be a headache in terms of illegal processes. Furthermore, it may also cause you trouble when you decide to sell the house. The potential buyers may set an offer below yours or ask you for inspection to get permission.


3. Choose Ceilings Wisely

You can discover a wide range of ceiling options in the market. Since the variety is enormous, it is common to get confused among the attractive ceilings rather than looking from the functional perspective. When you are on your way to search the ceilings that do not only look appealing but are also functional, we would suggest you opt for drop or suspended ceilings. Why? Because they perfectly cover the given space and present a fine appearance once finished. Another reason to recommend this type of ceiling for the basement is you will have easy access to plumbing lines and electric wires. You can remove tiles without sweating for hours and do the repairs whenever needed.


However, the installation of drop ceilings needs perfection. If you plan for a DIY method to conceal basement walls, painting can also do this job.


4. Basement Floorings In Budget

Basement floorings hold an important place in finishing. We have said it multiple times; the below-grade area is highly prone to moisture and water leakage. Therefore, one should consider this matter in the first place during finishing a basement. Water-resistant floorings are the only best option to choose for this purpose. Here again, style and functionality come to play their part; consider this matter a temporary eye-catching appearance or a long-term practical solution. We hope you will reply in favor of the latter one and save money by installing the right flooring in your basement. If we talk about the options available, they include traditional tiles, carpeting, hardwood, and luxury vinyl tile or LVT. It is said that carpeting can enhance the overall look, but it will not be an effective solution if your basement for experiences flooding. Similarly, hardwood and traditional tiling may cause mold to develop due to moisture. That’s why today, LVT, though expensive, is considered the most suitable option.


5. Recessed Lightings Good For Basements

Basements often lack natural light since the downstairs has almost zero or fewer windows, not allowing the sunlight to enter the basement. However, it is necessary to light up the basement with sufficient lighting so you can make use of the space after finishing a basement as you are planning or supposed to do. If you want to install windows in your basement, you must get advice from a professional. A qualified contractor can only tell you whether the surrounding drywall is able to support the additional load of the window structure.


Experts say that by installing recessed lighting in the basement, this problem can be resolved. These lightings do not take up any space and are also an ideal way to light up the basement. Dark basement or dim lighting would definitely not attract the visitor.


6. What Do You Want?

Whenever you are interested in a newly finished basement, do not forget to assess your needs and wants. Make sure that you have goals clear in your mind for how you want your basement to look after the final touch. There in the process of listing your needs, you may come across several appealing options that may not be necessary for you at that time. Therefore, avoid investing your hard-earned money in unnecessary stuff. You should first assess your living space needs and then decide how to design the basement accordingly.


7. Setting Up The Budget

Once you decide what you need or want, you can head over to this crucial step of the remodeling process is budgeting. Sometimes, it all depends on your budget what type of ceiling, flooring, and light you can manage to get in your budget along with paying for the professional’s fee if you have asked for his help. Some people are unnecessarily worried about the budget because they are spending on less important stuff such as decorative items and accessories. Otherwise, it is said that DIY improvement projects of the basement can be a very cost-effective renovation project.


How You Want Your Basement Turned Out To Be?

Here are some brainstorming ideas you may look upon to remodel your basement.


1. A Theatre

What is better than having a theater in the house? You can have all-time access to a large screen to go and play your favorite movie, enjoy watching it alone or with friends.


2. An Art Studio

Turning your basement into an art studio is one of the best ideas to use this huge space. If you love to draw art or are interested in collecting masterpieces from around the world, you can surely choose this theme.


3. Gaming Area

Are you fond of video games? If yes, you can invest in buying some new games or other indoor games that can be easily played in the basement because of having a large space available to play without interference.


4. Office Room

Since the basement is also quiet, you can turn it into your office room where you can work peacefully. While staying away from the external nuisance, you will have a calm environment where you can sit and work with peace of mind.


5. Music Studio

If playing piano or guitar is your hobby, but you are afraid of disturbing your neighbors, you can go downstairs and play your instruments. The insulated basement will make sure the sound does not go far.


Final Thoughts

Above are all the important factors to look upon before you head to begin the remodeling process. Without taking care of them, you can’t expect your basement finishing to turn out to be a great investment of time and money. You may also choose any theme from the ideas we have shared here or opt for another one if you find one, but do not forget to make sure that the design you want to apply will truly compliment your available space.


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How to Choose Remodeling Contractors for Home Remodel

No doubt, it isn’t easy to choose the contractor for upgrading your home, office, or villa. If a vacancy is opened, then you will not hire the first candidate. Similarly, when you want a contractor, you should not choose the first contractor for your home. You should narrow down the requirements and choose the best contractor to home remodel.


Here are some tips to get the desired contractor while choosing to remodel your home, office, or villa.


Get recommendations

The first step to choosing the contractor is to list some best contractors in your area who have expertise according to your requirements. Then narrow down the list, and at a point, you will find the right contractor for your project.

The narrow down list can be done in many ways. These areas follow:

  • You can take help from your friend who has remodeled his house recently
  • You can search online that what type of services you need
  • Never forget to check reviews
  • You can also take help from social media


Compare each contractor’s portfolio.

Some contractors are experts in remodeling the kitchen, but they are not experts in renovating the bedroom. So it would help if you had the right contractor according to your requirements. Each contractor has a portfolio. The best portfolio should have at least ten to fifteen projects. They may have a picture of remodeling of blueprints, sketches. This portfolio will help you to predict the expertise of a contractor. Compare portfolio and choose the best one.


Check References and BBB Ratings

References can also help to decide about the contractor. You need to speak with recent customers of that particular contractor. They will share their personal experiences and will inform you about the drawbacks of the contractor. Such as low-quality material, taking a long time on a project, etc.


Contractors’ business cards can help you learn about Better Business Bureau that contains the problems that a contractor had in the past, and you can also learn how he solved those problems.


Set a Payment Schedule

Another tip is to set a payment schedule while hiring a contractor. The payment schedule will help you to learn about the financial condition of a contractor. For example, if a contractor wants half payment in advance. He may have some financial crisis or be worried that you will not pay him after work completion. So it is best to pay 10 percent in advance, 25 percent during the project, and 15 percent upon project completion.


Another tip is to set a payment schedule while hiring a contractor. The payment schedule will help you to learn about the financial condition of a contractor. For example, if a contractor wants half payment in advance. He may have some financial crisis or be worried that you will not pay him after work completion. So it is best to pay 10 percent in advance, 25 percent during the project, and 15 percent upon project completion.


Make a note

The contract should include a payment schedule, proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation payments, start date and projected completion date, specific materials, and products, and a requirement that the contractor obtains lien releases (which protect you if he doesn’t pay his bills) from all subcontractors and suppliers. Tom assures us that insisting on a written contract is not a sign of distrust. A successful renovation is what this is all about.


Final though

When it comes to hiring a contractor for your home improvement project, it’s up to you to do your research. Don’t rush into a decision; take your time and do thorough research on each contractor. A deposit check will be written after you’ve signed and returned the contract proposal. This is one step closer to your dream house.


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