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Disposable Vapes are The New Way to Smoke

They are convenient, affordable, and perfect for those who want to try vaping without investing in a more expensive and long-term product, meaning that you never again have to worry about changing coils or buying so many bottles of e-liquid that you never know what to do with them!

MYTTHS Lite Bar Disposables vape are the best disposable vapes on the market because they offer 600 puffs of vapor, which is more than any other disposable vape on the market. MYTTHS also offers a variety of flavors that can't be found anywhere else in the UK., like our incredibly popular Banana Papaya!

MYTTHS Lite Bars are so good that they are taking over the market in UK and are growing evermore Irresistible to try them out.


The future of disposable vapes is bright with MYTTHS Lite Bar Disposables at the helm.






Do Everything with One Platform

Have you ever thought of a platform offering all the necessary services? Business owners constantly seek methods to increase efficiencies while lowering costs because many budgets are already tight.


If you work within a single unique platform containing all your data, you save a lot on expenses and time. Is that not a good thing? As a result, TikTok Bio Link offers a platform addressing various technological needs such as shortened URLs, file links, custom QR codes, etc.


This blog will highlight various services you can get in TikTok Bio Link within a go and the benefits of doing everything with one platform.


What Are the Services Offered by TikTok Bio Link in One Platform?


Bio-Link pages

Do you want to create multiple links for your social media platform to lead viewers to the desired page? Bio link page is known for this task. This technique has been employed mainly on social media platforms related to influencers, brands, business experts, and small business owners.


Thanks to TikTok Bio Link! You can now come up with your bio link page with a lot of ease. Features available on TikTok Bio Link as you create your bio link page include;

  • SEO settings.
  • Password protection.
  • Custom branding and colors.
  • Sensitive content warning.
  • Multiple ready-to-use components.



Shortened links

Are you looking for a shorter link for your page? This is achievable using TikTok Bio Link! URL shortening is a technique used to convert a long URL into a shorter one with the same capacity to lead you to the same page.


Your followers will find it simpler to click, copy, and share a shortened link in their posts, which can help your work get more natural exposure on social media. If you choose to use TikTok Bio Link in shortening your link, you will enjoy;

  • A/B rotation.
  • Password protection.
  • Sensitive content warning.
  • Device, language, and country targeting.
  • Expiration and scheduling limits.



QR codes

Do you want to create a QR code for your URL? In business marketing, QR codes are frequently utilized to link people to landing pages, websites, social media profiles, or printable coupons for local businesses. Some of the features you will get while using TikTok Bio Link include;

  • Custom logo.
  • Custom color having gradient.



File links

TikTok Bio Link allows you to create dynamic links to files and take advantage of features such as tracking and protection, as well as pixels and expiry.



Vcard links

You can generate dynamic Vcard links to your contact's downloaded card, and you'll also have access to features like monitoring, security, pixels, and expiration when using TikTok Bio-Link.



Built-in analytics

Do you want to see how your marketing link is performing? TikTok Bio Link offers built-in analytics to check link performance in countries, operating systems, referrers, etc.



What Are the Benefits of Doing Everything with One Platform?

  • Improves service accessibility.
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing various services.
  • Enhances the security of your data.
  • Improves the data collection.
  • Provides easier scalability.




Do you want "do everything with one platform"? TikTok Bio Link offers you a greater opportunity regarding QR codes, shortening links, creating a bio-link page, etc.

How Many Puffs Do Disposable Vapes Have?

Puff Count

The puff count for each disposable vape varies from brand to brand and you can tell from most of their promotional material or via their website, however, so many of these devices don't typically have a view window to see the amount of juice you have left, so all you can do is guess by how long it takes to run out of juice so to speak, but you can be assured that most devices due to TPD regulations here in the UK contain all the way up to 2ml (as per restrictions)

After doing some of my own internal tests (the nicotine headache was severe after all this testing) and after some research we have seen that on average our tests have shown us that 1 minute of vaping on average is equal to 1/2 a traditional cigarette, 2 minutes is equal to a traditional cigarette but with some left over and 5 minutes would be considered 2 traditional cigarettes smoked back to back (this is obviously dependent on how strong your drag is when using the vape)


This equates to 1 pack of cigarettes or 20 traditional cigarettes smoked, with a very big cost difference with traditional tobacco products costing as much as £15 per pack whereas MYTTHS cost £5.49 (lower than most of the industry and its competitors)



There's so many different disposable vapes on the market, it's near on impossible to choose, but why not try a MYTTHS Lite Bar disposable, with 10 flavours and 6 more on the way you should definitely have a look at the hottest disposable vape in the UK.




How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last? - Disposable Vapes Explained

Disposable vapes are not going anywhere.

With a compact, sleek form factor and providing you with plenty of nicotine and vapor what isn't to love! it's hard not to see why they've taken a big chunk of the market in recent years and there's always one question on people's minds "how long do they last?"

Well it's like asking "how long is a piece of string", because with so many out on the market in 2022 its hard to really discern between which ones are bang for your buck!


So today in MYTTHS News, I will be going through a whole bunch of different disposables and comparing them and see how many days (on average its not an exact science but it's as accurate as possible we promise) your disposable will last.


Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is important when it comes to disposable vapes. Because they are such small devices, even a small increase in battery size means you get to enjoy more puffs before you have to replace it.


As an industry standard, disposable vapes can vary from as low as 240mAh all the way up to 650mAh, in the UK this is the standard for a disposable vape, as well as carrying anywhere from 1.2ml to 2ml of eliquid inside them.


So lets say with 240mAh (which you would have powering the inside of a MOJO), this disposable vape will give you on average 1 to 2 hours of heavy vaping and anywhere between 3-5 hours of light vaping.


With MYTTHS and other more popular brands such as Elf Bar & Geek bar (both containing similar battery capacities) the LITE series have 400mAh batteries, this gives you 35% more vaping time than most of the other brands on the market.





6 Brand New Flavours Launching Soon!

Since launching earlier this year, MYTTHS LITE Bars are the new way to vape and they have been making waves in the vaping industry. We have been releasing new flavors every month and they are not slowing down anytime soon.


The latest LITE Bar flavor out of the 6 being released is called "Milk Tea" and it is a twist on the ever-growing popular beverage, Bubble Tea, which has taken the UK by storm in recent months, this vape juice is an East Asian classic milk tea with a hint of vanilla and chocolate.


This is a first for a disposable vape company so be sure to keep an eye out for it very soon!


There will be 5 other incredible, mouth-watering flavors being announced very soon so keep your eyes peeled to the MYTTHS Community Forum, where we will be announcing the flavors each week with hints for the next one being posted on social media each week too!


Milk Tea along with 5 other flavors will be available for pre-orders on the MYTTHS Website starting soon when all 6 are revealed so make sure to follow us for more information






Why The Disposable Vape is Popular

For quite a lot of people, the smell of vapor is hardly noticeable, and if you're lucky you may get a couple of compliments from passers-by! 

In my experience fruit flavors often get the nicest reception and I have had many people say positive things and ask more about vaping (but probably not if you're blowing it directly in their face though, probably best to avoid that sorta thing)

Once you open up a MYTTHS Lite Bar, taking a hit is as simple as taking a draw and letting the disposable work it's magic.

While all vaping devices need a charged battery and vape liquid inside of them to continue working, the average LITE bar can sustain you throughout the day with no maintenance or upkeep.


The freedom to choose what flavors you want to use with your disposable vape is another big advantage over traditional vaping devices. With a disposable vape, you can choose from a wide array of flavors including Strawberry Kiwi, Lush Ice, and more!






The Benefits of Disposable Vaping

Vaping is the modern way to get your nicotine fix without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes. Disposable vaping devices are an excellent option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, but don’t want to invest too much in the device.


There are many benefits of disposable vaping that make it a better choice than traditional vape devices.


It is not just the all-in-one design that makes disposable vaping devices better than traditional ones, it is also the price.


Disposable vapes are cheaper than a traditional box or pen-style vape. You can get a disposable vape for as low as £5.49, which is much cheaper than what you would pay for an entire vape kit which can start at £40.


Traditional vapes are also more difficult to use and take up more space in your pocket because they're heavier and bulkier. Disposable vapes are lighter, smaller, and more convenient to carry around with you wherever you go.


One of the biggest advantages of vaping is that you and your clothes, house, and car, sofa, even electronics won’t smell  Tobacco smoke anymore.


Vaping does have an aroma, but it’s far different instead from stale smoke and nasty harsh chemicals, in fact, even tobacco-flavored (like our Cubano) vapes don’t smell anything like burning tobacco.



Andrew Ha of HB Entertainment

Andrew Ha is a Creative entrepreneur, philanthropist, and real estate investor.

Andrew Ha is the founder of HB Entertainment. HB Entertainment has hosted over 120+ events throughout California & Texas. HB Entertainment is dedicated to serving student communities & non-profit organizations and has fundraised over 6 figures while curating the most unique shows & unforgettable experiences!


Andrew and his brothers have always been natural performers and would perform as “Ha Brothers”’ as breakdancers to their local community festivals, dance competitions, and help fundraise for nonprofits when they were in high school.


Their journey as Ha Brothers and personal values translates into all of their work and personality, which is why they have dedicated themselves to empowering the communities they surround themselves with.

Andrew Ha’s platform that he has created with HB Entertainment believes everything he has experienced in his entire life has led him up to this point to serve his higher purpose and will continue to foster love & positivity to his community and empower as many people as he can through HB Entertainment & TEAMHB.


What sets him apart is that he is first generation Asian American and wants to break the current stigma of Asians in the entertainment industry and have more representation for their minority group. Which is why he dedicates every single day to becoming the best version of himself in every possible way. Physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually.


His hobbies and talents that are unique include:


Breakdancing, High Energy DJ performances, Calisthenics Workouts, and Empowering others.


HB Entertainment is dedicated to empowering student communities and aspiring creatives; TEAMHB has provided a platform of experience and opportunities by coordinating music festivals, nightclub events, and custom fundraisers for millennials and gen z students since 2017.


The HB Entertainment community has fundraised over $150,000 to non-profit communities collaborating with over 120+ student organizations ranging from cultural orgs, dance teams, fraternities, sororities, and other entities from 25+ college universities across California and Texas.


HB Entertainments’ simple philosophy was founded on the basic principle of empowering students to serve students.


Contact Us:



Social Media:

Follow Us on Instagram:

What is the 550 Spam Error? And How do I fix it?

As its name goes the spam 550 error refers to a condition where the email which you send is not accepted by the recipient’s server. As a default setting, the recipient’s server relays an automatic message to the sender which reads “550: High probability of spam”. This condition is also sometimes called bouncing. Spam filters employ these mechanisms to protect their users from potential hazardous emails which might lead to the foundation of fraud and various other cyber crimes. As daunting as this all sounds, there are tried and tested ways in which you can make sure that your email is not wrongly categorized as spam. That being said, it is almost impossible to run a completely bounceless non-targeted campaign because we don’t have the information about how all the different email servers are configured.

Following is a comprehensive list of causes that may be behind you getting a 550 error:

  1. The integrity of your origin email address is compromised as is flagged by the recipient’s server.
  2. Your domain has been blocked (possible reasons: payment of dues, expiration or subscription, etc.).
  3. Your own internet server has identified the outgoing email as spam and therefore has flagged it. 
  4. The destination email address does not exist.
  5. The destination email address is currently unavailable and/or suspended.
  6. Unavailability of the recipient’s hosting server.
  7. Your email is mistakenly identified as spam by the recipient’s email server.
  8. The destination email server failed to identify your email address.


Here are some common phrases that you can use to identify that you have received a 550 error:

  1. Email Error 550 5.1.0 Address Rejected means that the recipient’s server is voluntarily refusing to accept emails from you. One possible reason for this could be that you have been blocked by the person who you are trying to send an email to.
  2. Email Error 550 5.1.1 suggests that the email address which you had entered as destination is inavlid or doesn’t exist in the required domain.
  3. Email Error 550 Denied by Policy means that the recipient’s internal security mechanisms have blocked outbound emails, mostly to prevent attackers from launching brute force attacks against their server.
  4. Email Error 550 5.4.1 means that the recipient’s server doesn’t accept emails from the domain which you are using. This is usually the case if you are using blacklisted domains or IP addresses.
  5. Email Error 550 5.7.0 Message Size Violation suggests that you have exceeded the file size which is allowed in your email.
  6. Email Error 550 5.7.1 Access Denied means that your email was rejected by the security policies on the recipient’s side or wrongly by misconfiguration of DNS.
  7. Email Error 550 Administrative Prohibition can mean any of the following things - you are using blacklisted domains, recipient’s domain is blacklisted, SMTP server has dynamic IP.
  8. Email Error 550 Relay Not Permitted means that your server no longer has email sending privileges.
  9. Email Error 550 Quarantined / 550 Error Recipient Quarantined means that your email address was flagged as spam.
  10. Email Error 550 SPF occurs when the IP which you are using to send the email from is not recorded in the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) which leads to your email failing some verification steps.
  11. Email Error 550 Reverse DNS means that there is an absence of reverse DNS of sender’s IP address and there is a mismatch of records present in the domain.
  12. Email Error 550 Recipient Unknown happens when your server is unable to find the destination account. Most prominent reason behind this includes typos.
  13. Email Error 550 Host Unknown occurs when your specified hostname is non-existent/ incorrect.
  14. Email Error 550 Authentication is required for relay means that the SMTP authentication is missing which is required to send outbound emails.
  15. Server Error 550/ 550 Blocked Error happens when the email that you are trying to send has been blocked by the recipient’s server.
  16. Error 550 #5.1.0 Address Rejected indicates that the recipient’s server has refused to accept the email from your address. This could happen due to the origin email address being blocked by the destination servers.
  17. Server Error 550 This Domain is Not Hosted Here occurs when the recipient’s username is not accessible to the sender’s server. Other reasons for the same error include typing errors in the emails and incorrect MX records which direct to the wrong server.
  18. Error 550 in Outlook suggests that 550 authentication is required for relay. In simple words, it means that your SMTP server is yet to be authenticated to send out emails.


Now that we’ve talked about the potential causes and common phrases associated with 550 Spam errors, let us now look at some ways using which we can minimize the 550 errors from our campaigns.


Sending Limit:

It is a good practice to enforce a daily outgoing limit on your IP addresses. If the number of emails sent per day from a particular domain or IP exceeds the humanely accepted value by various spam filters across the internet then your domain is very vulnerable to being blacklisted. If you are sending too many emails then your activities may be associated with the activities of a spammer by the governing technologies. Many service providers have a very strict limit in this regard and you should always aim to finish your daily campaigns well within that maxima.


Curate your Content:

There is a certain way in which spam emails are created. This is so that the most vulnerable are easily convinced. Over time, spam filters have become accustomed to the kind of language that is used in spam emails. This should be comprehensively understood by every email marketer because one one hand iit means that fewer spam emails enter inboxes giving more room for genuine emails but also any outbound email that matches the language of a spam email will be immediately flagged. This is one of the most common causes behind many 550 errors and it can result in your healthy IP getting blacklisted. There are various words that can trigger a particular spam filter. We highly recommend making sure that these words do not make their way into your email. So, to reduce your 550 Errors, it is important to curate your email content so that it is genuine and void of anything that could trigger spam filters.


DNS Setup:

This is a sure shot way of making sure that everything is perfect for your campaigns from the technical side. The DNS (Domain Name System) basically governs every protocol that exists on the internet. So, to avoid 550 Spam errors, it is highly recommended to build and verify proper security and transactional protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) under your DNS.      


Changing Domain

Change the domain name when you read error messages such as “low reputation of sending domain”. Using multiple domains to send emails to different ISPs (G Suite, Outlook, yahoo, etc.) can yield quick results.


Contact us to know more techniques on solving 550 and 553 errors while sending cold emails or doing bulk emailing.

The 2022 Guide to Bulk Emailing - Tips and Tools

There were about 4 billion people using emails as of 2020 and the number is expected to well surpass 4.5 billion by 2025. What’s more revealing is that around 86% of all professionals label email as their primary channel of communications for all things business. So, if you are somehow able to land your email in the inbox of these professionals, you can trust it to convert into a very plausible sales channel. Now this goldmine is sure to attract a lot of hunters, and it does rightly so. To tackle this issue, many email service providers scan your emails and make sure that dubious emails are marked as spam and never trouble the inbox of their users.

So, sending bulk emails in this highly regulated space becomes challenging. This has given rise to a different niche industry of email automation in the IT and automation sector. But, before looking at the best-in-class tools that can help you send bulk emails efficiently let us look at what it actually means and what are the best practices.


Bulk Emails, what exactly?

Just like its name, sending bulk emails means that you are sending one single email to a multitude of potential prospects at once. It can be either informationals, press releases, promotions, information about a new product launch, invitations, etc. The aim of sending bulk emails is to get a piece of information to millions of people all at one time.


Now there are also sub-divisions in how you can send these emails. You either send one email to everyone in your mailing list or you can choose to send a private email to a portion of your subscribers which can include time-sensitive information or people sensitive updates. Experts often say that personalization is the key to reach the core of prospects and improve the effectiveness of your emails.


Benefits of Bulk Emails

1. By using bulk emailing practices, you can reach a vast audience in a short period of time at minimal cost.


2. Your potential customers would be able to access your emails from the place of their convenience as emails are available on mobile devices, so you also get direct access to your customers as against other channels of advertising.


3. If you use comprehensive bulk emailing tools, you’d get intelligible insights into your campaign about your open rates, delivery rates, click hotspots, open time, and many more to form your further emailing strategies.


Difference between Bulk Emails and other forms of Emails


Cold Emails :

1. Cold emails aim to have a more direct impact on the potential customer and are usually sent on a one-to-one basis, whereas marketing/bulk emailing is the overarching technique used to creatively increase brand awareness, develop consumer faith, build trust and give loyal services to existing and potential customers.

2. There is a huge difference in terms of recipients between the two types of emailing methods. In cold emails, you proactively choose your recipients as against in bulk emails where you usually have a list of subscribers who have opted-in to your mailing list.

3. Design department also has some stark differences. Bulk emails are preferentially HTML templates and have more poster-banner feel to them. Cold emails on the other hand look more direct and have text content in predominance.

4. We can say that in terms of goal, cold email is more direct and aims to establish a direct channel of business relationship but bulk emailing tries to focus more on developing brand awareness so that when the need comes, the potential customer would reach out.

5. Speaking in terms of volume, you can send a maximum of 100 cold emails in a day, but while sending bulk emails if you use the right tools, then you can easily send to thousands of potential users in your mailing list at one go.

6. In terms of frequency, since delivery rates are relatively low in bulk emails, you can send them more frequently because the prospects in your mailing list are probably expecting you to send emails to them. But for cold emails the ball game is totally different and the less you send, the more positive your approach looks.


Transactional Emails :

1. Transactional emails are sent to communicate something specific and have a set purpose, bulk emails even though they do have a lot of purpose, there is no set expected response and there can be a varied set of responses to a particular email from different potential prospects.

2. Bulk emails are a little less personalized as compared to transactional emails but both of them have elements which are adjusted on a case by case basis.

3. There is a lot of thought that goes into making sure that your email does not land in spam folders while sending bulk emails. So, there is usually a requirement of an opt-in where a prospect agrees to be added to your mailing list. Such a thing is not required in transactional emails.

4. If the potential customer does not want to receive your emails then as a professional email marketer it is your job to provide an opt-out link. This is not an issue with transactional emails because the recipients of those mails are expecting your email.


How to send Bulk Emails?

Bulk emailing or more professionally called as email marketing has developed into its own sub-industry over the years. Given the dividends it has given to professional marketers and other professionals, it has completely transformed the advertising and promotional industry. Usually, you can use a software tool that takes care of all your bulk emailing needs but there are some things which you need to take care of even while using an automated tool for sending your emails

1. Have a strategy

If you aim at nothing, you hit nothing. This is why you need to have a clear strategy in mind before you start sending bulk emails. A good set of questions can be, what do I exactly want to achieve through bulk emailing? Who is my target audience? What is the best way to reach out to them? You can define your strategy into categories like driving sales, increasing brand awareness, nurturing leads, customer engagement, etc.


2. Segmenting mailing lists

Same set of emails do not work for everyone in the list and so it is a good practice to segment your mailing list based on location, interests, industry, stage they occupy in your sales funnel, etc. so that not only your are able to think of segmented campaigns but also are able to send personalized mails to each segment.


3. Personalization

Emails with personalized subject lines have a 50% higher open rate. So we suggest that you give a lot of energy into personalizing your marketing campaigns. This is not so difficult as it may seem as you will read further up in this post, many email marketing tools allow you to personalize your campaigns based on different fields in your mailing list. But, we have to proceed with caution here because since this is not a cold email, subtlety is appreciated.


4. Use real addresses

Nobody likes to feel that they are just one of the many to receive a particular message. The more exclusive you make your customer feel, the more success you would get out of your campaign. So, it is a good practice to not use “do-not-reply” emails for your campaigns and to instead use kind of emails where users can actually reply to you. Some email marketing tools also provide a “reply-to” email address for this purpose.


5. Adjust your emails for mobile

Optimization for mobile devices is the key to high open rates in today’s industry. Most of the users are accessing emails through their phones and if you are running a B2C business then this becomes even more important for you. You should keep your subject line short and if you use a lot of extravagant plugins to make your email look attractive it is a good rule of thumb to first check how it looks on a mobile device because ultimately a major portion of the readers would be reading your email on a mobile device.


6. A/B testing

This is also sometimes termed as regression testing because in a way we are keeping all elements constant and changing just one element at a time to see what works better. It is important first to consult your marketing professional before carrying out such tests and we do not recommend doing this on your own if you are entering this field for the first time.


7. List Hygiene

Mailing list developed over time. The world of the internet is volatile, people don’t stay active at one place for long. The movement of users between communication platforms over the world wide web is always something which we need to keep a track of. Similarly, emails also tend to die out over time. Some of them become inactive because the users stopped using them, or they moved on to some other email address. If such stale ids are in your list then your campaigns’ delivery rate will be affected, effectively impacting the IP reputation of your server. So, keep cleaning your list of these emails for sustaining efficient campaign results.


8. Images

Email marketing gives you the liberty to design your emails as HTML templates so you can really go crazy with images and design. But be cautious, as we've stated many times before in this piece, subtlety is the key. So, use images to convey information better than words but make sure not to go over the top.


9. Concise language

You should make sure that your email is easy to read and understand at one simple glance. Use shorter sentences and paragraphs and use simple terms which are understandable by normal public who are out of the industry. Using bullet points is also another important aspect which goes in towards making the language of your emails concise. If people spend less time trying to understand your email, they will spend more time engaging with your content.


10. Create a Narrative

Everyone loves stories, this is a tactic which has withstood the test of time. From the ancient ages to the current internet age, the impact that stories have on the human mind is unquestionable. These stories can be the backstory of how your company formed, or a testimonial from one of your happy clients.


11. Keep track of time

Now one may think that what difference does it really make if I send emails on a Sunday or a Monday. The truth is that people miss emails as well and if you don’t want your emails to be missed then it is best to send emails in the middle of the week during daytime. That being said, we should understand that there is no ideal time for sending emails but based on population trends we can make some estimates on the suggested timings.


12. Email Signatures

This is one of those things that add legitimacy to your brand. People are looking for companies they can trust and if you add an email signature by a real person at the end of the email, then it goes on to helping your potential customers to be able to trust you better.


13. Subscribe button

Even though you are sending your emails to only people who have opted-in to your mailing list, it is a good practice to add a subscribe button. What this will do is when your subscribers forward your emails to their family and friends then the new recipients would also be able to subscribe to your mailing list.


14. Consistency

Being consistent here does not mean sending emails everyday, here consistency means that the design of your email templates should be consistent in itself and also should reflect the brand identity. Imagine if Apple started launching different looking macbooks every single year. They would lose their traditional identity that Apple has created for themselves and this is why consistency is so much more important.


15. Social Links

You should add all of your organization’s social media links to the end of your email. This will make sure that even if they don’t buy your product immediately, they stay connected in your sales funnel.


Top tools for Email marketing in 2022


More than half of all the emails are now read on mobile devices, so if your email isn’t optimized to load in a mobile platform, users may start marking your email as spam and after a while the filters take this as the input and put all the emails with similar loading issues in the spam folders.


This email marketing tool is known for its reporting of data so if you want good analytics then this is the one you should be going for. It also claims to ensure decent deliverability of emails. Easy to use tool for beginners in the field who lack the technical expertise for email marketing.



This tool prides itself as one of the most customizable ones in the industry. You can schedule your emails to be sent at a particular date and time and also test them for response rates. It gives the ability to automate emails by using certain triggers.



Similar to Sendgrid this also is a customizable option for more experienced professionals. It allows you to optimize your email sending pipeline to fit the requirements of every customer and gives the ability to send trigger-driven transactional emails.


If you want an all-rounder with high level of technical proficiency then we present to you,


Adcrux is one tool which is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. If you are a beginner then you can make use of the many email templates that it provides and if you are an experienced professional marketer then you are also allowed a comprehensive level of customization so that you can make your email campaigns look like the way you want them to. An interactive dashboard gives you all the analytics that you would need for assessing the performance of your marketing campaigns. One unique feature of Adcrux is the provision of dedicated SMTP servers. Many email marketing tools seem to ignore the importance of having a fresh and nicely warmed up IP for your emails, but it is very important in ensuring high delivery rates for bulk emails.


To conclude, a bulk emailing tool such as the ones mentioned above automates the tedious task of sending the same email to thousands of people in your mailing list. While sending emails en masse you have to take care of certain internet regulations and protocols, an automated tool like Adcrux or Mailchimp does that for you. It makes sure of GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance, manages your subscriptions and gives you insights into the areas which you need to focus on, eventually helping you with strategizing your marketing.


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